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Following are some pictures of the greenhouse construction.

1. Original Greenhouse Site showing trees that were removed for the location of the greenhouse. 

2. Site Leveled and Pier Layout Complete. This picture shows how each corner of the geodesic dome was located so concrete piers could be poured.

3. Digging Concrete Pier Footings. This shows the skid-steer tractor that was used to dig the concrete footings. The footings also required lots of manual effort to break through the rocks to reach a depth of 36-48 inches.

4. Building Base Wall. The greenhouse has a 2 foot tall insulated base wall.

5. Building Geodesic Dome. This picture shows the assembled geodesic dome before the greenhouse glazing is installed.

6. Glazing Dome. This shows the dome as the glazing was being installed.

7. Filling Water Tank. The 2,500 water tank provides heat during the winter and cooling during the summer. It is heated by sunshine hitting the dark colored metal sides.

8. Completed Dome. This shows the original completed dome. The solar panels were originally mounted on the dome and were later relocated to a pole mount.

9. Night View. This is how the dome looks at night with lights turned on inside.

10. Current picture of dome in winter with the pole mounted solar panels.

Solar Power System

Most of the solar power comes from these four pole mounted panels. There are two other small panels directly attached to the dome that provide power for two small fans. Electrical AC power is accessible to recharge the batteries if needed. So far no AC electrical power has been necessary to run the fans, pumps, or lights!

The electricity from the solar panels charges the batteries and runs the pumps, fans, and lights using the following electrical system.

Below is a close up picture of the timers and thermostat that control the ventilation fans, ceiling fan, watering system, and fountain pump.

The soil is a combination of 30% organic compost, 30% organic peat moss, 30% vermiculite, and 10% sand. Great care was taken to create a very healthy organic soil to grow the most flavorful and nutrious crops.

Organic compost makes up 30% of the soil mix.


Peat Moss makes up 30 % of the soil mix.

Vermiculite makes up 30% of the soil mix.

The watering system uses a DC electrical pump to pull water from a 1,700 gallon cistern buried under the greenhouse floor.